• @Harvest - Irvine, CA - Oct 7-9, 2015
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What's the National Roundtable?

It's the annual gathering of Church IT guys and gals from all over the nation. Combined, we represent over 1 million church goers.

Why is it Awesome?

Because its the largest single event for Church IT collaboration, inspiration & community among peers of from churches of all sizes and types.

We Partners

Each year we have the privilege of working with amazing partners to make the event awesome. This year is no different!! Show your support with a conference partnership. Here are our 2015-2016 partners:

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Lynde ChurchStreaming.tv xByte Technology Trans-Soft Missional Marketing iT1 Source ACS Technologies

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Kingdom First Solutions ThinkMinistry Mirazon Brotherhood Mutual

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Higher Ground Technologies ccb Bema Solerant Ciber ThirtySeven4 Spectra Logic

I have been in church IT for almost 10 years. I feel certain I would not have lasted in church IT more than 5 or 6 years if it were not for the Church IT Network. Not only is this my most significant professional peer group, I count some of you among my closest friends.

Working with other churches that have already done what you are trying to do, opens doors for you to connect. Helping someone at another church with your knowledge is what God intends the church and it’s staff to do for each other, because we're all on the same team, working for the same Master for the same purpose.  

This group has been invaluable to me. I learned so much and received so much encouragement through the years. Even when our church budget shrank and we couldn’t attend the national events, we attended regional events and shared and supported each other.

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